Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council


What do we stand for?

The Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council (REEPC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes excellence in estate planning by serving our local members, delivering exceptional networking opportunities, resources, and unsurpassed education with the goal to elevate those who provide estate planning services.

What is our mission?

The mission of the Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council is to elevate those who provide estate planning services through a combination of networking opportunities and exceptional education.

Where are we heading?

We’re excited to network with other local estate planning professionals. We want to share resources and knowledge with each other when it comes to planning for our client’s future!
We want to build a group of like-minded individuals in estate planning services today, tomorrow & beyond – so come join us at our next meeting where we will discuss how best to prepare our estate planning services for our clients before the storms arrive.

Who runs our organization?

REEPC is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors, who have committed their time and efforts to helping this organization of estate planning professionals grow. Learn more about our leadership.


Dear Members & Visitors,

Despite the challenges we have faced in recent years, REEPC has continued to thrive. The leaders of REEPC and I remain grateful for the ongoing support of our members, speakers, sponsors, and friends and for the opportunities that allow us to stay connected.

My primary goals are to continue strengthening the bond with our local estate planning community and reinforcing the benefits of membership.

Now is the perfect time to get involved! If you are interested in being a part of our future success, please let me know.



Andriy Lesyshyn



Our dinner meetings are the best way to get a feel for our organization and learn about what it’s like to be part of our community! We have plenty of them, so register for one today.

As they say, “Iron sharpens iron.” Our local estate planning community is not that large, so it’s important to network and connect with other local estate planning professionals around us to broaden our knowledge and resources. Your first step is to join us at one of our dinner meetings so you can meet other like-minded people and we can learn from each other. We’re a community of estate planning professionals who want to help each other grow and succeed. By coming to our dinner meetings, you’ll gain invaluable insights and connections that will help you in your career. So don’t hesitate to register for one of our dinner meetings today!

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